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Why is it Important to Change the Air Filter in Your Furnace and Air Conditioner?
If you ask anyone who knows about heating and cooling systems what the most important maintenance task is to keep your furnace and air conditioner…
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Should I Close Vents in Unused Rooms? Myth Busting for Bay Area Homeowners
If you search the Internet for ways to save energy at home, one suggestion that you might come across is to close the supply vents…
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How Do Air Duct Leaks Develop and What Are Their Effects in Bay Area Homes?
The EPA estimates that in the average home, 20 percent of the conditioned air that is produced by furnaces and air conditioners is lost through…
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Why Should I Buy a Programmable Thermostat?
Are you getting the most out of the thermostat in your home? If you are currently using a traditional model that requires you to manually…
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