Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners

Keep Your San Francisco, CA Home Cool With A Ductless Mini Split AC

Mini Split Air Conditioners are becoming increasingly popular in California as our climate continues to warm. These more permanently installed appliances are easier to install in older homes that are not ready for a typical ducted system. They are also a great option when a section of the home or a single room requires heating or cooling.

Mini split air conditioners are energy efficient, giving you total control over an individual room's heating or cooling needs. They run ultra quiet, and have multiple installation options to meet your home's requirements.

What Are The Main Advantages Of Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners?

A mini split AC unit carries a number of advantages over a traditional air conditioning system. Among them:

  • They Cool And Heat - A mini split AC isn’t just for cooling things in the summer months. Newer models are super-efficient heaters as well.
  • Zoned Temperature Control - Some like it hot, some like it cool. Mini split ACs let you set the temperature on a room-by-room basis.
  • Energy Efficiency - Mini splits are built to use the smallest amount of energy possible to reach your desired temperature.
  • Humidity Control - As if they don’t already do enough, they can also help manage your home’s humidity by pulling unnecessary moisture out of the air.

Professional Installation Equals Perfect Comfort

Mini split air conditioners should always be installed by a professional. Cabrillo brings the experience and advanced installation methods that only a seasoned team can provide. A proper installation can determine how well the system operates, its life span and noise levels. Our crew makes the process a breeze and ensures the end product is a positive addition to your home.

Just like any mechanical system, Mini Split Air Conditioners require minor maintenance. The units inside the home do have a fan and filter system that needs to be cleaned to maintain maximum airflow. This task can be performed by the homeowner after reading the care manual with the indoor unit. Like typical Air Conditioners, Mini Splits should be checked yearly for operation efficiencies, refrigerant charges, and normal wear and tear.

The Professionals At Cabrillo Are Here To Help

In addition to installing a new mini split AC, Cabrillo can assist you with a repair if you have an existing mini split system that isn't running as it should be. When it comes to AC, our experts know - and do - it all. For any questions or service needs you have, message us online or call 1-800-908-3888 today!