Cabrillo Service Agreement

Cabrillo Annual Maintenance Program C.A.M.P for your Plumbing & Heating

“One of the most important investments you can make”

Investing in a C.A.M.P can pay off in a number of ways. Our program is designed to provide homeowners with cash savings, improved safety, better health, convenient service and peace of mind.

  • Extend the life of your water heater and heating system (you can add air conditioning)
  • Protect you from dangerous potential problems like carbon monoxide, fire, gas leaks, and water damage
  • Prevent untimely breakdowns
  • Reduce operating costs and identify wasteful problems

But that’s just part of our program. Our C.A.M.P included discounted repairs, unlimited service calls with no trip charge*, and more. The end result is a program that pays for itself over and over again.

What is included in your C.A.M.P :

* Unlimited service calls with no trip charge

* 10% discount on all repairs

* 10% discount on all replacement equipment

* Annual water heater inspection**

* Annual heating system inspection

* Annual inspection of faucets, drains and toilets

* Priority scheduling

* All maintenance’s will be performed during select months, see details below****

Only $189.00 Per year

Add-ons and Options

  • Include Air Conditioning System Inspection $75
  • Add Additional Furnace or AC Unit Inspection(s) $75 each
  • Tankless Water Heater Descale $199.00 (with code approved installation & approved isolation valves)
  • Add additional Water Heater(s) $75
  • Add for complex access $95***

* May be an additional charge (quoted in advance) after regular hours and on Sundays or holidays. The C.A.M.P is not available in some areas.
** Excludes radiant, steam heating and boilers. Water heaters that are 5 years old or less will be drained if possible, as long as drain port is not plastic during the maintenance. Only water heaters that have been serviced and drained annually by Cabrillo Plumbing will be drained for water heaters over 5 years old.
*** The additional charge is for equipment that is located in hard to access locations that require crawling, the use of ladders or other difficult or challenging measures

****C.A.M.P. Maintenance’s will be performed between March 1st thru October 31st. Maintenance will be forfeited if not performed within this time period. You must call the office personally to schedule your appointment at 800-908-3888 or email us at

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